Find Your Right Bite!

Find Your Right Bite!

Take care of your nutrition with our wellness partner, Right Bite. A concept created with you in mind, Right Bite provides meal plans in KSA that allow you to go about your day without having to worry about your nutritional needs, with healthy food options. Use code RBHOME for 15% off on their 20-day meal plan packages!

What Is Right Bite?

Established in Dubai in 2004, The Right Bite Nutrition & Catering Services L.L.C. delivers freshly prepared, personalized, healthy food in Dubai right to your doorstep. Advocating a healthier diet and lifestyle, Right Bite has been dedicated to helping clients achieve and maintain their long-term wellness goals and create sustainable healthy lifestyles.


Different Meal Plans


Incorporating healthy food into your diet can be difficult on the busier days. Our meal plans are individually designed according to your preferences and needs. They are curated to complement and build on your healthy lifestyle and delivered to your door.


  • Weight Loss: Lose Weight the healthy way
  • Convenience: Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Low Carb: Low Carb, High Impact
  • Athlete: Shred, Build, or Enhance
  • Vegan: Enhance your Vegan Diet
  • Made For Mums: Pre and Post Natal
  • Gut Healthy: Food Allergies and intolerances
  • Diabetic: Customized to control Blood Sugars


Our meal plans in Dubai come in AM, PM, and Full Day packages across 20, 40, or 60 days.


Meet Our Dietitians:


Whether you are looking to manage your medical conditions, achieve your weight goal or acquire a new healthy lifestyle, our licensed clinical dietitians will guide, support and motivate you through your healthy journey by offering a holistic approach of personalized nutrition with healthy meal plans in Dubai. You can book your consultation in-clinic or online.


Other Services:

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